Hand Pallet Jack Scales

RAVAS series: ideal for weighing in any warehouse

RAVAS mobile weighing systems for pallet jacks can be used in almost any warehouse. The RAVAS-110 is a solid hand pallet jack with all the essential weighing functions. The advanced RAVAS-320 has more extensive options in terms of data communication. A calibrated NTEP-certified version is also available so you can charge your customers based on weight. Also, there is the high-tech RAVAS-520, an innovative hand pallet truck with extensive weighing functionalities and connectivity.

ProLine series for high-precision weighing

ProLine Series for high-precision weighing

The food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries require the highest accuracy. RAVAS developed the ProLine series specifically to address that need. The ProLine weighing hand pallet jacks are perfect for precise mixing, dosing, and batching applications. The ProLine Touch is the first pallet truck with a touchscreen and captures a weight within 100 ounces. All RAVAS weighing hand pallet trucks communicate seamlessly with your logistics systems.

Even more specific weighing pallet trucks

When precision is required, RAVAS pallet jacks with scales deliver accurate results.  The iJack, specially developed to transport heavier pallets (up to 4000 lbs.) and is equipped with an electric drive and lifting function. All iJacks are equipped NTEP ready and have WiFi to communicate with your warehouse management system.

For environments where hygiene is essential, RAVAS also has options for stainless steel hand pallet trucks that include accurate measuring systems.

A hand pallet truck with a built-in weighing system is an investment that quickly pays for itself by improving the efficiency in your warehouse by 50%. RAVAS offers weighing pallet trucks for all industries and applications to professionalize your logistics processes. The RAVAS series is specially designed for general production facilities and warehouses. In addition, our ProLine series provides the accuracy required by the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. We also offer Explosion Proof and Stainless-Steel series pallet trucks.

Indispensable Warehouse Tools
Hand pallet trucks are indispensable in a warehouse. They are ideal for moving pallets over short distances. So that pallet truck operators no longer need to go to a central point to weigh their pallets, RAVAS offers pallet trucks with weighing systems. 

RAVAS hand pallet jack scales are designed to handle weighing needs for various industries. Also, the weighing systems can easily integrate with OEM pallet trucks. By reducing steps in the intralogistics process, warehouse operations are improved.

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