Weighing solutions for AGV and AMR

RAVAS' mobile weighing technology is ideal for use on AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots).  


This technology enables accurate weighing of loads as the vehicles move. By integrating advanced sensors and smart software, AGVs and AMRs can measure the weight of the load without driving to a static scale. This not only improves the efficiency of logistics processes, but also provides more accurate inventory control and optimizes data collection for real-time decision-making. By implementing this technology on these automated vehicles, companies can significantly improve their logistics operations and increase productivity in their automated systems.

Direct data flow

Weighing data is sent immediately to ERP, TMS or WMS systems, enabling immediate action and decision making. 

Seamless integration

Easily integrates with existing AGV and AMR systems without the need for new vehicles.  

Increased productivity

Reduces downtime by weighing in motion, making overall operational speed more efficient. 

Integration with WMS, TMS or ERP

Mobile weighing enhances its value by seamlessly integrating with central business systems such as ERP, TMS or WMS. This makes it possible to share weighing data directly and wirelessly, promoting automatic data collection, storage and analysis. This functionality not only optimizes inventory inventory accuracy, but also supports data-driven decision making by better streamlining weight recording processes. For more insights on how data management is the foundation for smarter business processes, read our blog. 

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Mobile weighing on AGVs and AMRs

Integrating mobile weighing into AGVs and AMRs offers significant benefits for logistics and manufacturing environments. By directly weighing loads while in transit, process delays are minimized and throughput is increased. This results in tighter production scheduling and more efficient material flow. In addition, the accuracy of weighing data ensures reliable inventory management, reducing excess inventory costs and improving quality control. This technology also promotes a data-driven approach to logistics, which is critical to optimizing the supply chain.  

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