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Weight and volume

RAVAS cross docking solutions enable you to collect the weight and volume of your goods in the flow and integrate these data into your WMS or ERP system. For example, optimize inbound checks on weight and volume in aviation industries to optimize and secure the loading of an aircraft. Furthermore, weighing and dimensioning can also be used for incoming shipments, invoicing, and optimizing load factors.

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Optimize cross docking freight solutions in LTL and 3PL logistics with RAVAS scales

One of RAVAS' logistic customers was interested in establishing an investment that weighed their product efficiently and provided real-time data of each inbound to their WMS system. Without any impact on their cross dock operations nor WMS system. Read more about the cross docking solution RAVAS provided for this logistic supplier to increase revenues.

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Compatible mobile weighing systems

RAVAS recommends


First, identify the palletized goods by means of barcode scanning.

Weight and dimensions

Then weigh and measure dimensions via an associated dimensioning system.

Data integration

Finally, create an integrated data set on the shipment and communicate this with the ERP.

Dynamic dimensioning

Dynamic dimensioning is already one of the fastest available dimensioning processes and now it even gets better. One of our partners, MetriXFreight, has integrated RAVAS mobile weighing technology into their dimensioning solutions to improve daily usability, data integration, and functionality. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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RAVAS has partnerships with these companies

Dimensioning partners

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Measure in Motion a Dutch airline

Some heavy-duty iForks for 24/7 use have been integrated with a Dutch airline's logistics operation to weigh incoming goods for air cargo skids. These forks are reinforced and have a longer base fork, equipped with two load cells in every fork shoe. All incoming trucks get unloaded with the iForks, and the weighing data are being sent to the WMS. Relying on real-time, accurate weighing data allows the airline to plan the loading of the cargo planes. Cost-efficient and safe at the same time!

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With RAVAS cross docking solutions, efficiency will increase, and there will be no room for error or shortages due to our advanced technological material handling capabilities. So, for an easier transition starting now, please inquire about our cross dock solutions today. 

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