Mobile Weighing VS Floor Scale Weighing

For years, the industrial floor scale was the go-to product for companies to manage the weight of their fleet. But is floor scale weighing still the most efficient process out there? Or is the newer mobile weighing & dimensioning process a better way to maintain your inventory?

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Which Pallet Jack Scales Best Suit Your Weighing Needs

Due to the wide variety of applications, unique specifications, and requirements, it can sometimes be challenging to determine the best mobile weighing solution for your operations. From electric pallet jack scales to forklift scales, RAVAS has a solution that perfectly fits your specific situation, but what if you are particularly looking at hand pallet jack scales. Which pallet jack scale is best suited for you. Let's find out!

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Turn data into currency with RAVAS!

RAVAS is taking you into the world of mobile weighing and turning data into currency and revenue. Every month we will publish a new episode about the world of RAVAS. Want to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you turn your data into currency? Then start following us now!

Every month. One new video. Here we go!

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How do Forklift Scales Work

A forklift scale is a weighing scale attachment built within a forklift or material handling equipment designed to weigh objects while picking up the product, but how do forklift scales work, and why should you use a forklift scale?

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Meet the RAVAS iJack

It's time to find a better way to get the job done. The revolutionary RAVAS iJack is the biggest electric pallet jack scale on the market. Built with a lithium-ion battery, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Technology, the ijack is the ideal equipment for maximum productivity & value. In addition, it is the only weighing electric jack on the market.

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Why do Logistical Companies Benefit from Mobile Weighing

As costs climb to ship and make products, freight rates have increased on average over 8-15% year over year. Combined with the limited availability of drivers, logistical companies are looking now more than ever for new innovative ways to limit expenses and make a profit. One way is by generating re-weighing with mobile weighing solutions.

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