Determine which pallet truck best suits your weighing needs

Due to the wide variety of applications, unique specifications, and requirements, it can sometimes be quite challenging to determine the best mobile weighing solution for your operations. Know that at RAVAS, we always have a solution that perfectly fits your specific situation.

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How your pallet trucks and other trucks can 'suddenly' weigh!

Pallet trucks, warehouse trucks and forklift trucks are indispensable in logistics and in the industry. And then there are models on the market that can weigh. It is this mobile weighing technology that dramatically increases the flow in and around your business. Streamlining your logistical processes has never been as effective. Curious about the how and why behind mobile weighing? This blog will tell you all about it.

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Mobile Weighing VS Floor Scale Weighing

For years, the industrial floor scale was the go-to product for companies to manage the weight of their fleet. But is floor scale weighing still the most efficient process out there? Or is the newer mobile weighing & dimensioning process a better way to maintain your inventory?

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Save time, space and money with a Mobile Weighing System

With a mobile weighing system on a forklift, warehouse truck, stacker, or pallet truck, you can weigh in the flow of your internal logistics. You immediately know the weight of the lifted goods. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to drive back and forth with each pallet or container to a fixed floor scale. Mobile weighing systems save you time, money, space, and manpower and improve the efficiency of your intralogistics.


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Turn data into currency with RAVAS!

RAVAS is taking you into the world of mobile weighing and turning data into currency and revenue. Every month we will publish a new episode about the world of RAVAS. Want to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you turn your data into currency? Then start following us now!

Every month. One new video. Here we go!

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How do Forklift Scales Work

A forklift scale is a weighing scale attachment built within a forklift or material handling equipment designed to weigh objects while picking up the product, but how do forklift scales work, and why should you use a forklift scale?

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