A Mobile Weighing System as the perfect alternative to your inefficient Industrial Scale

Mobile weighing systems integrated into pallet trucks or forklifts improve internal logistics efficiency. Weighing can be done on the go, offering flexibility, saving time, space, and labour. These solutions can be retrofitted to existing trucks, regardless of make or model. Explore our to read about the speed advantages over traditional floor scales.

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Weight-based invoicing thanks to a Legal for Trade weighing system

Have you ever thought about mobile weighing to optimize your logistics processes? Thanks to our solutions, you are not only flexible in your controls. RAVAS also enables you to save time and money by invoicing your customers based on weight, thanks to our Legal for Trade solutions.

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Make inventory management and piece counting more efficient and accurate through automation

As the year comes to an end, many companies turn their attention to warehouse inventory. This process documents all products and materials on hand. This information is critical to plan for future purchasing activities and managing shortages. 

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Data Management: A basis for smarter business processes

Are you looking to improve your material handling process? Or prevent picking errors? Better yet, how about a way to increase your profit?  Data management is an effective way to satisfy all of those needs. 

Thanks to RAVAS' mobile weighing technology, you can manage your logistics data in real-time 24 hours a day. It's a solution that delivers immediate results. 


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Determine which pallet truck best suits your weighing needs

Due to the wide variety of applications, unique specifications, and requirements, it can sometimes be quite challenging to determine the best mobile weighing solution for your operations. Know that at RAVAS, we always have a solution that perfectly fits your specific situation.

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How your pallet trucks and other trucks can 'suddenly' weigh!

Pallet trucks, warehouse trucks and forklift trucks are indispensable in logistics and in the industry. And then there are models on the market that can weigh. It is this mobile weighing technology that dramatically increases the flow in and around your business. Streamlining your logistical processes has never been as effective. Curious about the how and why behind mobile weighing? This blog will tell you all about it.

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