Custom Pick by Weight Mobile Weighing System

With the RAVAS custom Pick by Weight mobile weighing system, all relevant information on the weight of your material flows is made available to any WMS in real-time, fast, and efficiently. As a result, optimize order picking and save money!

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Cross Docking Solutions

Always in control of weight and volume during cross docking. Reduce your material handling and storage time with the RAVAS wireless integration tools for ERP systems, and WMS cross docking.

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Mobile Weighing Systems Quality Control

Checking incoming shipments with RAVAS mobile weighing systems quality control process optimizes your logistics. Suitable for all industries with an inbound pallet flow of goods. Including data communication to TMS, WMS, or ERP system.

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Determining Shipping Weights

Discover the RAVAS mobile weighing solutions when determining shipping weights. From basic pallet trucks to advanced iForks with Wi-Fi and data integration of measured expedition weights into TMS, WMS, or ERP systems.  

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Explosion Proof Solutions

When you work in hazardous environments, it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected at all times. At RAVAS, we provide explosion-proof solutions to a variety of industries that are at high risk for the possibility of harmful elements mixing.

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Piece Counting

Piece counting is relevant for production sites and for goods reception. Having an advanced, technological piece-counting system in place not only ensures maximum productivity at production sites and goods reception, but it also ensures accuracy by delivering results you and your team can rely on. The total amount of pieces is determined by the weight per piece. Standard on all 5200 indicators.

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Learn more about WMS and ERP integration

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Supply chain and production optimization

Suitable solutions

For logistics

Use RAVAS mobile weighing solutions for supply chain optimization of your warehouse or logistics operation to increase efficiency, save time and money, and reduce errors. Learn more about supply chain optimization. 

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For industry

Discover the RAVAS mobile weighing solutions for production optimization of your production site to increase efficiency, save time and money, and reduce errors. Learn more about production optimization. 

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Why mobile weighing?

Save time, space, and money

More efficiency

RAVAS mobile scales allow you to transport and weigh at the same time. You immediately know the weight of every pallet lifted. It's no longer necessary to drive back and forth to a fixed floor scale with every pallet or container. Our dimensioning solutions allow you to save time, manpower and improve your intralogistics' efficiency.

Full Return on Investment

Suppose you weigh an average of 4 pallets per hour. By using the hand pallet truck on which you handle the pallets anyway, you save 1.5 minute per pallet. A daily savings of 48 minutes, or 200-man hours per year. If a standard wage costs 30 dollars an hour, you save roughly $605,900 dollars per year. The investment has earned itself back within 3 months.

Data integration

More and more, forklifts and warehouse trucks are turning into platforms for generating real-time information on material flows. Materials are identified, weighed, and dimensioned. These data can be exchanged with WMS or ERP systems via terminals and wireless networks.

OIML certified

Almost all RAVAS mobile weighing systems are optionally available with an OIML or Legal for Trade validation to invoice your customers by weight. From retail, freight logistics and warehousing, to pharma, agro, and food industries. Suitable for all industries.  

These companies work with RAVAS


RAVAS implemented a variety of solutions in supply chains and logistic operations all over the world. A small selection of companies that work with RAVAS. 

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Consult a RAVAS specialist

Do you need a specialist to advise you on a specific solution or application for your industry? Consult our specialists at any time.

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