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RAVAS Maintenance Services

Prevent incorrect weighing data and minimize downtime with RAVAS maintenance services. This includes preventive maintenance, recalibration, and a metrological examination (re-approval) for OIML approved mobile weighing systems according to the NEN norm, if relevant.

Preventive maintenance

RAVAS maintenance services consist of preventive maintenance, including weighing data maintenance. Preventative maintenance is a crucial aspect of our maintenance services as we will troubleshoot and exhaust any possibilities of system malfunction. 

At RAVAS, our preventative maintenance consists of disassembly of the fork shoes, checking and cleaning of the inner working of the forks, checking the cabling and fixation of the load cells, replacement of the fork shoes, a check of the electronics' exterior and the system's accuracy, housing for moisture, battery, and charger. Furthermore, a corner test is performed and for pallet trucks, the lifting and lowering function is adjusted, the wheels and bearings are checked, and the hinge points are lubricated.

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Main elements

Calibration certificate


Calibration of the measuring instrument or weighing system.


A stamped and signed calibration form with the calibration details.


A copy of the issued certificate of the calibration weights used.


A calibration sticker to indicate that the system has been officially calibrated.

Metrological examination or re-approval

According to the NEN norm, a RAVAS maintenance service contract standard includes a periodic metrological examination or re-approval of trade-approved measuring instruments. This consists of the following parts:

  • Metrological examination of the measuring instrument 
  • Signed approval certificate
  • Copy of the issued certificate of the calibration weights used
  • Calibration sticker and Verispect sticker
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