RAVAS Referral Program

At RAVAS, we know that good business relationships are crucial, especially when it comes to partnerships. As a leader in mobile weighing, we strive to work together in partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Such a partnership not only increases awareness of a brand and its products, but also provides access to new networks. This makes the sales cycle more efficient and productive. By partnering with RAVAS, together we unlock new opportunities for growth.

How does it work?

As a referral partner, you become an ambassador for RAVAS products, while RAVAS in turn promotes your products. We join forces to pitch business opportunities to each other through our specific market channels, streamlined by a structured process. This partnership not only strengthens our brands, but also opens doors to new markets and customers. Working together means we both grow through each other's success.

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Working together, we are stronger

The referral proces

First interviews

Are you interested in working together? Then one of our colleagues will contact you to give you more information about partnership opportunities.


Are we all aligned? Then we sign an agreement that lays down all the arrangements surrounding the partnership.


Don't we know each other yet? Then it is important that we master each other's offerings. In this phase, we teach each other all the ins and outs.

Referral submissions

Do you have an interesting lead in mind? If so, it can be submitted via the Referral Submission Form. RAVAS then reviews whether the potential client is accepted.

It's a match

What happens next?


Once one of the leads places an order, as a referral partner you are eligible for a referral fee of 5% of the order value.

Regular contact

The key to continued success is a strategic communications plan. To achieve this, we develop a communications plan that fits your schedule.

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