Control your operational waste flows

Obtaining total control of operational waste flows starts with precise weighing and accurate recording of weighing data. Does your operation currently have an insufficient overview to waste management? Is it too wrapped up in retrospective weighing, overflows, and recording weights manually? RAVAS waste management solutions reduce waste quantities and save costs.

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Increase Waste Management Production

Collect, measure, and weigh waste accurately and promptly with RAVAS Mobile Weighing Solutions.

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Increase Waste Management Efficiency

Overview of waste flow improvements


No more overload

Using a RAVAS mobile weighing system, you will know whether a waste container has sufficient space before adding a batch to it. As a result, there will no longer be any issues with overloaded containers.

Better time management

Collect waste promptly and replace empty containers efficiently with RAVAS waste management solutions.

Accurate invoicing

The waste contractor invoices are easy to check as the weighing data of the mobile weighing system are communicated to the central computer system wirelessly.

Easy charging

It is also somewhat more straightforward and transparent if you wish to charge your customers' costs for waste processing.

Compatible mobile weighing systems

RAVAS recommends

Case studies

Charging customers for waste residue

Janus Vaten

Janus Vaten cleans steel drums and IBC’s and offers them for re-use. The residue left in the IBC’s is stored for removal by a waste processing company. With iForks, Janus Vaten now charges customers for the residue processing costs.

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Nijsen Granico

Nijsen Granico collects rest materials at food companies for processing into cattle-fodder. Every Nijsen lorry carries a hand pallet truck scale to weigh the collected containers in the client's presence, so he immediately knows what will be invoiced.

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At AVAG, waste materials are processed into raw materials and partly sold to the customer. The recycled materials are invoiced by weight. AVAG equipped their forklift truck with a calibrated weighing system. By using additional attachments like a rotator, also bulky goods can be weighed.

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Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa specializes in the development and production of offset printed cardboard packaging. Cardboard waste occurs in different stages of the production process. By weighing waste flows and monitoring the information, the mountain of waste is reduced as much as possible.

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