Electric Pallet Jack Scales

Electric pallet jack scales ensure an optimal flow in your warehouse and logistics processes, unlike traditional floor scales. Why stand still when you can weigh all your pallets in motion? Forklift scales are twice as fast and provide real-time data, which can be directly connected to your WMS systems. 

Warehouse trucks in all shapes and sizes
Warehouses come in several classifications. Perhaps your products are stored by height. Maybe the aisles are on the narrow side. But, no matter how your warehouse is set up, RAVAS has mobile weighing systems to help you maneuver effortlessly through your facility. These include electric pallet trucks, stackers, and order pick trucks equipped with RAVAS’s intelligent weighing system.

Why a mobile weighing system? 
With our mobile weighing systems, you can weigh and manage your products up to two times faster than you do now. With RAVAS, you can weigh pallets without interruption, unlike a traditional warehouse floor scale that requires truck operators to drive to a set location. Mobile weighing is more efficient and safer.

Benefits of a mobile weighing system
RAVAS mobile weighing systems include a complete range of industrial weighing products to speed up and simplify your warehouse operations. Designed for weighing palletized materials in motion, RAVAS mobile weighing systems reduce errors, provide real-time data, and allow you to invoice based on weight.

Communicate directly with WMS and ERP system 
As a bonus, all weighing data can be transferred directly to your business systems. Most of our weighing warehouse trucks come equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi. They are linked to digital indicators (displays), which your operators can use to quickly read the weight. Then, simply push a button to upload data to your company system via the RAVAS Weights app or a digital server.


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Data communication and integration

RAVAS recommends

RAVAS creates onboard scales for electric pallet jacks, such as warehouse trucks, order picking trucks, stackers, and double scale systems that can best be combined with our Weigh-In-Motion solutions for data communication and data integration.