Electric Pallet Jack Scales

Here at RAVAS, we offer electric pallet jack scales designed to transform daily processes and eliminate downtime due to their advanced technological systems. With everything from warehouse trucks to stackers and order pick trucks, these applications are designed to weigh palletized goods in motion and reduce order picking errors.

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Electric Pallet Jack Scales

At RAVAS, we understand the importance of having advanced technological systems that work, especially when accuracy is necessary and crucial to the process. Additionally, we understand that as a material handling business, time is money. That’s why our electric pallet scales not only prevent errors but also assist you in your process by checking incoming goods, determining shipping weights, and more.

Trust our electric pallet scales to provide you with instantaneous weight measurements that are accurate. In addition, we have appliances that are available for all brands.

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Data communication and integration

RAVAS recommends

RAVAS creates onboard scales for electric pallet jacks, such as warehouse trucks, order picking trucks, stackers, and double scale systems that can best be combined with our Weigh-In-Motion solutions for data communication and data integration.

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