Weighing Electric Pallet Jack Scale

Main Benefits of the iJack-26

Reliable, Accurate Weighing

Accurate weight measurements allow optimal load planning, compliance with regulations, and helps prevent overloading. The iJack-26 is outfitted with a RAVAS scale system and weighs with a 0.1% accuracy rating and a lifting capacity of 2,600 lbs. The iJack-26 is perfect for handling, weighing, and moving smaller loads efficiently through a warehouse, retail store, or manufacturing or process environment.

Easy to Operate

The compact design of the iJack-26 is ideal for navigating tight spaces and maneuvering within trailers and warehouses. Manufactured to withstand harsh environments, the iJack-26

is ergonomically designed. It features a belly button reversing switch, dual butterfly travel controls, and key switch functions for ultimate comfort. Easy to operate, the iJack-26 increases productivity by keeping you on the move.

Simplified Data Management

The iJack-26 is Wi-Fi enabled and includes Bluetooth technology for seamless wireless communication between the indicator and your warehouse management system (WMS). Paired with our data management software and the RAVAS WeightsApp, logistics data collected onboard the iJack-26 can be easily shared in real-time.

Field Service

RAVAS stands behind our products. The iJack-26 is built using an industry leading chassis with readily available components. For the rare occasion that your iJack-26 may need service, we can put you in contact with a servicing dealer near you.

The iJack is Changing the Way You Weigh with Mobile Technology

For decades the only way companies could weigh products, loads, and stock for their warehouse was through weighing floor scales. Then as technology advanced, companies like RAVAS created the first-ever mobile weighing scales. Mobile Weighing scales are built-in scales within material handling equipment (hand pallet jacks, forklifts, and attachment scales) that weigh on the move. These scales allowed companies to get more efficient, quicker, and save money for their warehouse.

Now, behold the next step in mobile weighing technology, the iJack. The iJack is a weighing electric pallet jack scale built to load and unload warehouses, move stock, handle appliances, transport goods, all while being able to weigh on the go. These first-time weighing scales are more ergonomic and durable than hand pallet jack scales and are changing the future of mobile weighing.

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Lifting Capacity
2,600 lbs.
Load Center
24 inches.
Axle Center to Fork Face
37.40 Inches
46.85 Inches
Service Weight (Including Battery)
268.50 Lbs.
Please Download the iJack-26 Manual and Tech Specs for proper dimension sizes.
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