Filling with RAVAS mobile weighing solutions

More flexibility in filling

Filling drums, containers, and vessels without mobile weighing solutions can cause unnecessary material loss and costs. Instead, accurately weigh the containers during transport on a hand pallet truck, forklift, or stacker, to achieve higher efficiency and flexibility with proper RAVAS Filling solutions. As a result, simplify logistics and reduce the risk of damages and product loss since it is no longer necessary to drive the materials between warehouse and scale. The RAVAS product range allows you to configure your mobile scale according to your specific needs. For example, you can choose a legal for trade version if you fill retail packaging or a stainless steel version if you dose corrosive substances. In addition, a rotating scale indicator allows you to read off the weight from all angles.

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CryoTechnics Cleaning Solutions: weighing dry ice

CryoTechnics Cleaning Solutions uses its RAVAS-1100 to weigh dry ice, a highly volatile product. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, a natural gas that has particular characteristics. From a large tank on their site, the liquid carbon dioxide flows into the production area, where a machine freezes it and shapes it into pellets. The pellets are immediately dosed into special containers, using the RAVAS-1100 pallet truck scale to measure the ordered weight.


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Suitable mobile weighing systems

RAVAS recommends

In filling applications, especially in hazardous environments, it's important that enough safety measures are being taken. RAVAS also offers safety tools, such as a safety relay and a maximum filling alert.

More case studies

For food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Quaker Chemical

Quaker Chemical works on demand, and there is almost no stock keeping of mixed chemicals. The job today is very complex, with all these different batches. The filling is done using explosion safe weighing pallet trucks. Quaker has been using the scale trucks for years, and they have proved to be indispensable.

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BRB Benelux

BRB BV is a wholesale and production company in silicones, lubricants, additives, and chemicals. The company saves time and space by using 12 pallet truck scales to fill IBC containers, mix lubricants, and fill commercial packaging. And those pallet truck scales also come in handy when doing inventories in the warehouse. The pallet truck scales turned out to be tremendously useful. Operators are no longer waiting for each other, and there’s some extra space in the factory.

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