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Weighing dry ice

CryoTechnics builds dry blasting cleaning equipment. The company also sells the consumables used in their equipment, dry ice. From a large tank on their site, the liquid carbon dioxide flows into the production area, where a machine freezes it and shapes it into pellets. These are immediately dosed into special containers, using the RAVAS-1100 weighing hand pallet truck to measure out the ordered weight.

Weighing pellets in special containers



Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, a natural gas that has very specific characteristics. In its liquid state it can be stored and transported. If you then freeze it to temperatures of -80 °C it becomes a solid substance that can be shaped into pellets and handled easily with insulated gloves. In its solid state it can be used for blasting surfaces, for cleaning. The advantage is you don’t have to clean up after you. Once used, the dry ice pellets simply evaporate and disappear.


About CryoTechnics


Thanks to the robust chassis, the RAVAS-1100 weighing hand pallet truck is suitable for basic and general day-to-day weighing needs. Being both shock and vibration resistant and water tight, makes this pallet scale most suitable for rough or outdoor conditions. The combination of the robust chassis and the power supply by 4 standard AA-batteries enables an attractive price level with an acceptable accuracy. A reliable asset in all industrial applications.

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