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RAVAS integrates weighing and measuring technology in hand pallet trucks, electric warehouse trucks, stackers, and forklift trucks. For logistics operations, DC's and warehouses in all industries to optimize their supply chains.


The future of RAVAS USA, INC.

Mission & Vision

Creating Intelligence

In today's world of integrated information, RAVAS strives to give all its products optimal connectivity. Whether it's our iForks or pallet jack scales, each product provides you real-time data and wireless technology that will help your business produce efficiently.

RAVAS manufactures and distributes weighing systems integrated with hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks, and forklifts. These mobile weighing systems enable companies to realize immediate cost savings, make their internal logistics more efficient, raise the quality of their products and services, and increase client satisfaction.

Mission statement

RAVAS is your committed and preferred global partner for innovative and qualitative mobile weighing solutions, supported by excellent services.


RAVAS Mobile Weighing enables you to collect data on your material flows in terms of weight and volume. We offer mobile weighing products and dimensioning solutions to optimize supply chains, warehouses, logistics and production sites. Suitable for all industries.

Corporate identity

Core values

RAVAS has defined five core values that determine our corporate identity and the way we work together.

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Meet the team

RAVAS is proud of its global sales, service, and support network. All disciplines are worldwide represented. A fine selection of RAVAS experts is displayed here in alphabetical order. 

Joseph Furmansky

Joseph Furmansky

Business Development Manager

Curtis Craig

Curtis Craig

Sales Executive

Jana Baervoets

Jana Baervoets

Sales Executive

Shawna Rodriguez

Shawna Rodriguez

Customer Service Representative

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