Initial verifications and recalibrations

Calibration and Legal for Trade verification

Calibration of a scale is a verification of the weighing accuracy utilizing controlled test weights. Each mobile weighing system with an NTEP or Legal for Trade verification requires recalibration periodically. This is done by representing a certified metrological institute. RAVAS is certified to do initial verifications and recalibrations of Legal for Trade scales. We follow Council Directive 2014/31/EU concerning non-automatic weighing systems.

Essential parts

Calibration certificate


Calibration of the measuring instrument or weighing system.


A stamped and signed calibration form with the calibration details.


A copy of the issued certificate of the calibration weights used.


A calibration sticker to indicate that the system has been officially calibrated.

Invoice your customers by weight

Optionally available on a wide range of RAVAS mobile weighing systems is an NTEP or Legal for Trade verification. This means that the product can be used to invoice customers by weight.

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Calibration and inspection

In the United States, the official verification is done by an authorized certification institute. RAVAS offers support in calibrating and inspecting your mobile weighing systems. Please contact us for more information. 

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Jason Bullock

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Adam Heidrich

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Request calibration or Legal for Trade verification

Ask a specialist to receive more information on a calibration or Legal for Trade verification.

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