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With global supply chains that stretch across continents, limited stock inventory and just-in-time deliveries, companies become vulnerable to stock shortages. Shortages interrupt production, cause delays, affect customer confidence, and ultimately create costs for your business. RAVAS mobile scale solutions can help your business maintain stock control and save money by accurately controlling your stock, reducing stock levels, and lowering costs. Also, connect our mobile weighing scales to your ERP or WMS system and monitor material flows every time goods are moved.

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Astra Sweets realizes immediate cost savings

Astra Sweets did not know the exact weight of production runs coming off their 3 casting lines. Discrepancies in semi-finished products' buffer stock caused rest materials, delivery delays, and additional corrective production runs. Now 4 electric warehouse trucks have been equipped with an RPW EL scale to transport the sweets from the lines to the warehouse, and accurate production weights are communicated with the ERP system over the company’s wireless network.

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Mobile scales to optimize production planning and stock control

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Lever Fabergé

Once every 3 months, Lever Faberge needs to control the stock of their perfumes. Thanks to the weighing forks on the forklift truck, the IBC containers only need to be lifted from the racking to know how much perfume they contain. With the weighing of IBC's cutting downtime, more time is given back to employees' work day!

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In the R&D center in Düsseldorf Henkel develops adhesives and detergents. For the hazardous substances book keeping, anything going in our out of the warehouse is weighed on the forks of the explosion proof forklift truck. That saves a lot of unnecessary handling and costs.

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Evonik Colortrend

Evonik Colortrend mixes color pastes for paint manufacturers worldwide. The stock control runs through iForks and WMS, and one knows exactly the quantities of raw materials stored in the warehouse.

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After each fruit production batch, Danone now weighs every container with the weighing hand pallet trucks that return them to the warehouse. This allows a higher efficiency in production planning and stock control.

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