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How data helps you create intelligence

More intelligent business operations via RAVAS mobile weighing solutions

Data is all around us and an indispensable part of our daily lives. It is in the GPS in your car, music lists in Spotify, tracking software on social media, and the WiFi network at home. 


Data is also present within the logistics and warehouse management industries. With shrinking margins, companies are looking for ways to organize their business processes to be more efficient to maintain their competitive position.


Thanks to mobile weighing solutions from RAVAS, an intelligent solution is available. With RAVAS, you can optimize your logistics and production processes, improve performance, increase efficiency, and reduce expenses!


How? When you add our mobile weighing solutions to your warehouse trucks, they collect valuable material flow data 24 hours a day. The data is shared via cabling, WiFi, or Bluetooth with the connected trucks and your software platforms, such as your TMS, WMS, or ERP. 


Companies focused on organizing their business processes more intelligently use the data generated by RAVAS' mobile weighing systems to calculate the optimal loading of trucks or aircraft. In addition, capturing accurate weight data in an order-picking process prevents picking errors, and precise shipping weights of construction pallets can be determined.

Warehouse trucks are no longer simply a piece of material handling equipment. Instead, they are a platform for collecting and communicating real-time information about material flows.


RAVAS offers various software solutions for data management. The efficient processing and management of data on both weight and dimensions of products help you to support productivity, efficiency, and decision-making.


Would you like more information about how our data management solutions can help optimize your logistics and production processes, improve performance, increase efficiency and save costs? Ask our Experts!


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Interested in the most efficient flow of goods, more profit and the prevention of picking errors? To make this quality improvement, data management is crucial. Thanks to RAVAS' mobile weighing technology, your data is available in real time 24 hours a day. This provides a wealth of information that you can immediately use to make improvements and take action.

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What to do with the valuable data about weight and dimensions

Process and manage your data in real time

RAVAS Data Collector

With the RAVAS Data Collector, also known as RDC, you can collect real-time weighing data from your mobile weighing system on a PC. Safe and easy with the RAVAS Data Collector.

RAVAS Data Collector

RAVAS Integration Software

RAVAS Integration Software is the best choice for full WiFi integration of your mobile weighing data into your WMS, TMS or ERP system. Take full advantage of your real-time data on weight and dimensions.

RAVAS Integration Software

RAVAS Data Manager

The RAVAS Data Manager is a software interface between a WMS, TMS or ERP system and a weighing system and monitors the performance of all connected trucks. Read weighed weights at any point in the operation.

RAVAS Data Manager

RAVAS WeightsApp

The intuitive RAVAS WeightsApp makes it easier to work with your mobile weighing system. Receive weighing data directly on your mobile device. Includes login function for registration, tracking and logging.

RAVAS WeightsApp

RAVAS optimizes your data management

If you have a fleet of warehouse trucks, RAVAS can help you optimize your intralogistics and generate faster real-time data.

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Curious how data management helps to optimize your logistics and production processes?