RAVAS presents innovative weighing systems at Modex, Atlanta

Reweighing is essential for material handling and LTL shippers to ensure accurate billing, avoiding penalties, optimizing costs, preventing overloading, and much more.. At Modex we proudly show how our solutions will do that.

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RAVAS nominated for prestigious IFOY Award with innovative Weigh in Motion technology

We are proud to announce our nomination for the esteemed International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award. The nomination recognizes the innovative Weigh in Motion technology on an intelligent carriage plate (iCP), developed for forklifts. Weigh in Motion is planned to launch in the US later this year.

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RAVAS USA launches Weigh in Motion technology at ProMat 2023

Imagine a logistics process where you could weigh your palletized goods on the go. Or one where you consistently capture accurate weighing and dimensioning data in real-time without stopping. RAVAS can offer it all with Weigh in Motion technology. Visit RAVAS at booth S149 at ProMat and witness this technological revolution yourself.


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RAVAS in Forkliftaction: mobile weighing solutions that deliver

When time is money, mobile weighing is an efficient, profit-driven solution. Please read the article on our range of forklift truck scales in Forkliftaction. 

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Explosion-proof electrical stacker trucks for AkzoNobel

On several production sites, AkzoNobel uses Sichelschmidt explosion-proof electrical stacker trucks with a customized built-in RAVAS scale.

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CML Europe mixes raw materials with RAVAS-2100 EXi pallet trucks

CML Europe produces chemical raw materials for pharmaceutical companies. Mixing and dosing is done with RAVAS-2100 EXi pallet trucks.

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