Weighing Electric Pallet Jack Scale

Main Benefits of the iJack-40

Capacity & Maneuverability

iJack-40's compact and robust design makes it a perfect choice for navigating tight areas and tackling heavy-duty warehouse applications. It contains the capacity to lift, move, and weigh equipment up to 4,000 lbs. With a RAVAS scale system in place, you have the perfect weigh-on-the-go equipment for store deliveries, lift-gate delivery fees, warehousing, retail, etc.

Wireless & Bluetooth

The iJack-40 incorporates advanced Bluetooth technology, allowing for wireless communication. In addition, it connects with the RAVASWeights App and various other media devices to provide you with real-time data results on the fly. 


The iJack-40 uses Second Generation Drive Technology and DC Motor Brushes to provide power and sufficiency. In addition, it's Ergonomic-Friendly, allowing operators to move loads quickly and safely with limited manpower.

Mobile Weighing Electric Pallet Jack

Acquiring and utilizing the iJack-40 gives you leverage over the rest of your competition by being able to take advantage of a faster, more robust, and more durable weighing pallet jack. The iJack-40 is the first large electric weighing pallet jack on the market. This industry innovator will allow you to weigh and move stock on the go and save time and money.

The iJack is Changing the Way You Weigh with Mobile Technology

For decades the only way companies could weigh products, loads, and stock for their warehouse was through weighing floor scales. Then as technology advanced, companies like RAVAS created the first-ever mobile weighing scales. Mobile Weighing scales are built-in scales within material handling equipment (hand pallet jacks, forklifts, and attachment scales) that weigh on the move. These scales allowed companies to get more efficient, quicker, and save money for their warehouse.

Now, behold the next step in mobile weighing technology, the iJack. The iJack is a weighing electric pallet jack scale built to load and unload warehouses, move stock, handle appliances, transport goods, all while being able to weigh on the go. These first-time weighing scales are more ergonomic and durable than hand pallet jack scales and are changing the future of mobile weighing.

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Lifting Capacity
4,000 Lbs.
Load Center
24 Inches
Axle Center to Fork Face
37.40 Inches
47 Inches
Service Weight (Including Battery)
375 Lbs.
Please Download the iJack-40 Manual and Tech Specs for proper dimension sizes.
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