No picking errors

Double your performance

Pick two separate orders on a single truck without picking errors. No problem with the RAVAS Double scale. An order pick truck with double fork length for two pallets, equipped with two scales. The two pallets are weighed separately, eliminating both picking and placing errors.

Double scale

Pick 2 orders in 1 run

Double scale

The RAVAS Double scale is suitable for order picking trucks with double fork length for carrying two pallets, picking two orders in one run through the warehouse. Contact between pallets is avoided by using a removable safety rack.

Prevent order pick errors

To prevent order pick errors, each of the two pallets is weighed separately, each on its own scale. This allows the WMS to check each order line's weight, checking for picking errors, and whether the articles have been added to the correct pallet.

WMS or ERP connectivity

The two-scale indicators are interrogated separately by the WMS. The WMS checks whether the actual weight of the articles added to the pallet corresponds with the theoretical weight of the articles in the order line. Errors are corrected where it costs the least: at the picking slot.

Accurate to 100 grams

The Double scale order picker is accurate to 100 grams, thanks to the patented FlexBolts that absorb longitudinal and torque forces. This technology ensures that a load on the forks is optimally transferred onto the load cell sensors and therefore measured as accurately as possible.

Double fork length
Fork length of the double scale: 2 x 1,300 mm
Multirange graduation
0.1/0.2/0.5 kg up to 1,250 kg per scale
Type of indicator
Available with 2 separate 2100 indicators or one 6100 indicators with Dual Analogue Board
Via WiFi or RS232 cable connection
Also available
Triple scales

Order picking with double weighing capacity at DSV

RAVAS has delivered three RPW EL Double scale order pick trucks to 3PL DSV in Germany for a Pick by Weight pilot project. DSV will use the weight on the scale to check each picking line for errors. The weight is being displayed as a QR code, which is scanned by the order picking employee. The WMS system of DSV then automatically checks if the weight on the scale matches the theoretical weight of the products that need to be picked. With the RAVAS Pick by Weight solution, all relevant information on the weight of your material flows is made available to any WMS in real-time, fast and efficiently.

Pick by Weight
Double Scale DSV 690

Retrofit or factory fit

OEM brands

RAVAS has the know-how and expertise to retrofit trucks of all OEM brands, no matter the make or model. Besides, we meet the most specific requirements and needs. Non-standard dimensions, software for customer-specific scale applications, pivoting or raised displays, cold store versions, or even completely custom-built mobile weighing systems. 

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