Weighing Order Pickers

Do you want to reduce the order picking errors? With an innovative mobile weighing system, it is possible. Efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction are assured.

Essential Equipment 
Order picking trucks are essential in every warehouse. They collect goods according to a pick list. But what if your order pick truck was equipped with an innovative weighing system? A system that checks items based on weight, minimizes picking errors, and immediately communicates all data to your WMS or ERP system.

Weighing system for all brands 
Whether you already have order pick trucks or you are purchasing a new one, RAVAS can mount weighing systems on any brand's trucks. As a result, the flow of goods in your warehouse will improve, and the cost of operation will decrease.

Each load is weighed immediately 
The RAVAS RPW EL mobile weighing system is available for all makes of order pick trucks. The onboard indicator gives you immediate access to material flow data in real-time, and can communicate with any TMS, WMS, or ERP system.

Improve efficiency 
Looking for more differentiation options? RAVAS' Double Scale is ideal. With the innovative weighing system, your employees pick two separate orders on a truck. Optimizing your order picking process has never been easier. This is possible because, at RAVAS, we build two separate weighing systems in the extra long forks. In addition, our patented FlexBolts technology is flawless: the innovative system weighs within 100 grams. Triple Scale is also available and works even better and faster.

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Availability and compatibility

Sales partners

RAVAS works with worldwide sales partners. Here's a selection of OEM brands.

120X48 Jungheinrich
120X48 Crown
120X48 Hyster
120X48 Yale
120X48 Linde
120X48 Toyota
120X48 STILL
120X48 Unicarriers