Weighing order pickers

The flow of goods in (large) warehouses is enormous. Do you want to reduce the number of errors at the pick locations to an absolute minimum during order picking? This is possible by providing your order pick trucks with an innovative mobile weighing system. Efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction assured.

Indispensable weighing order pickers
Order picking trucks are essential in every warehouse. They collect goods (orders) according to an (order) pick list. But what if those handy order pick trucks are also equipped with an innovative weighing system? A system that checks picked items on the basis of weight, minimizes picking errors and immediately communicates all data to your WMS or ERP system.

Weighing system for all brands
This is exactly what we arrange for you at RAVAS. It does not matter whether you already have order pick trucks yourself or whether you want to order them new (and of what brand they are). We take care of the mounting of weighing systems on all trucks. This makes the flow of goods in your warehouses many times easier, more efficient and cheaper.

Each lifted load weighed immediately
Take the RAVAS RPW EL. This mobile weighing system is available for all makes of order pick trucks. This gives you immediate access to all the necessary real-time data on all material flows, including data communication to any TMS, WMS or ERP system.

Talk about double efficiency
Looking for more differentiation options? Then RAVAS Double Scale is ideal. With the innovative weighing system, your employees pick two separate orders on a truck. Optimizing your order picking process has never been easier. This is possible because at RAVAS we build in two separate weighing systems in the extra long forks. Our patented FlexBolts technology is flawless: the innovative system weighs to within 100 grams. Triple Scale is also available and works even better and faster.

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