Increase efficiency and reduce errors thanks to Piece Counting by Weight


Piece counting is an application often used in, for example, logistics, industry or retail. To help these sectors increase efficiency and avoid counting errors, RAVAS offers a range of mobile weighing systems that enable piece counting. Our weighing systems are integrated into pallet trucks and used to measure weight. The weight is then translated into a quantity by piece weight.


Using mobile piece counting weighing systems can increase efficiency in the supply chain and reduce errors. It avoids human error and increases handling speed when picking and checking shipments. The weighing system can be manually configured to enter the piece count or automatically calculated by the weighing system itself. The display then shows the number of parts on the pallet and how many more need to be added.


Thanks to data management solutions, our piece counting solutions provide real-time data and analysis on the weight information, which zan lead to better decisions and supply chain optimisation.

Blog: How can you automate the warehouse inventory and piece counting process to make inventory management more efficient?

Warehouse inventory determination: one of the most complex operations in large enterprises. A process that serves to check the available stock of all products and materials so that purchasing activities can be planned and any shortages replenished.

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