Batching and dosing with RAVAS mobile weighing solutions

Increase efficiency, reduce damage and product loss

When producing batches of semi finished or finished product, the aim is to correctly mix the different ingredients and components. Amounts and proportions determine the quality of the product. A mobile scale helps you to produce cheaper, safer and more efficient. It also generates the information you need for quality control and tracking and tracing procedures. The scale is brought to the components: on a hand pallet truck scale the mixing vessel is driven from one ingredient to the next and components are dosed straight from their container. The risk of damages and product loss is greatly reduced.

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Case study: Huijbregts weighs powder premix before and after mixing

Huijbregts supplies premixes of raw materials for the food industry, according to client owned recipes. For quality control on behalf of the client, all ingredients are weighed on the STILL electric pallet trucks that transport them between warehouse and mixer units. The RAVAS mobile scales are a logical tool in Huijbregts' pursuit to increase efficiency. Here's how to.

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For food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries

CML Europe

CML Europe (Cambridge Major Laboratories) produces chemical raw materials in small quantities for pharmaceutical companies. Mixing and dosing is done with an explosion proof hand pallet truck scale.

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Boss Paints

Boss Paints mixes water based paints. The company strives to produce responsibly, with proper care for their personnel. The RAVAS RPW EL scale has allowed Boss to bring the scale to the mixing vessel, which helps our operators to mix safely and ergonomically.

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At Herberts, expensive circulation systems became obsolete when they changed to explosion proof hand pallet truck scales to mix the paint, moving the scale from one component to the other. Highly accurate weighing is essential, so they always aim at the smalles possible graduation.

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Afton Chemical

Afton Chemical produces fuel and engine oil additives for large oil companies. The oils are mixed ‘on demand’, in large silo’s. For some mixes only 20 kilos of additives are required on a 5,000 liter silo. On such large volumes, exact ratios are very important. The RAVAS scale allows highly accurate dosing.

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