Weighing warehouse trucks

Weighing warehouse trucks ensure an optimal flow in your warehouse and far beyond. So get rid of the traditional scales. From now on you weigh all your pallets in motion. This is twice as fast and results in real-time data, which can also be directly connected to your logistics systems. Talk about professional logistics!

Warehouse trucks in all shapes and sizes
Every warehouse is classified differently. Perhaps your products have been stored in height. Maybe the aisles are on the narrow side. No matter how your warehouse is set up, there are warehouse trucks that will help you maneuver effortlessly through your warehouse. Think of electric pallet trucks, stackers and order pick trucks. The good news: we can provide all these warehouse trucks with a smart weighing system at RAVAS.

Why a mobile weighing system?
With our mobile weighing systems you can weigh and manage your products up to two times faster than you do now. A traditional scale is probably still set up in the warehouse. How many times a day do your employees drive up and down to this place? This can indeed be done faster, more efficiently and more safely.

These are the benefits
RAVAS offers a complete range of mobile weighing systems to speed up and simplify logistics within your warehouses. They are designed for weighing palletized goods in motion. This has many advantages? Think of fewer errors, the availability of real-time data and the option of (subsequent) invoicing based on weight.

Communicate directly with WMS and ERP system
There is more good news: all weighing data can be transferred directly to your business systems. Most of our weighing warehouse trucks are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi. They are linked to digital indicators (displays), which your operators can use to read the weight directly. With the push of a button, all data is uploaded to your company system via the RAVAS Weights app or a digital server.

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