Need a stacker that can do much more than just move pallets? With our weighing stackers you can weigh indicative to very accurate within your warehouse, whether or not calibrated. Count on a lot of money and time savings within your logistics process. The innovative weighing systems are available in different models and for different industries.

So easy
Stackers are reliable machines with a lot of added value within every warehouse. They are designed for daily light use of moving pallets horizontally and vertically. They are ideal for use in the smallest aisles and at great heights. This added value only doubles if a weighing system from RAVAS is also installed. This way you can weigh and move your pallets at the same time.

For all brands of stackers
RAVAS can equip all brands of stackers with weighing systems. It does not matter whether you purchase a new stacker or whether you want to convert your current one. Almost all stackers are suitable for the installation of the RAVAS RPW ST. This system is ideal for simple weight checks in the warehouse or production. It can also be used for quality checks during barrel filling, for mixing ingredients from containers. We mechanically adjust the fork construction of the stacker so that we can finally mount the weighing system on the stacker. We then place a weighing indicator (display) of your choice, which indicates the weight on the forks and communicates with the truck terminal or WMS.

From indicative to calibrated weighing
For simple mobile weighing needs, there are displays that provide basic weighing functions. We also have indicators that are ATEX certified and can be used in explosive atmospheres. Then there are the more advanced systems that can weigh very accurately and are equipped with a touchscreen and alphanumeric keyboard.

Especially for food and pharmaceuticals
A gem is the special weighing system that we developed especially for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Where exact quantities of raw materials are crucial, extremely accurate weighing systems are also necessary. The innovative indicator (display) from RAVAS guarantees efficiency and precision during the process. Mixing and dosing has never been so easy, because the weighing system means that there is never too much or too little supply of your raw materials.

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