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More efficiency by equipping your stacker with a weighing system

Thanks to the RAVAS RPW ST, logistics and industrial companies that strive for more efficiency can also equip their stackers with a mobile weighing system. A major advantage of the RPW ST solution is that all stackers can be equipped with a mobile weighing system. The RPW ST system can be applied to both retrofit and factory fit trucks and is completely brand and model independent.

To make the stacker weighing, the fork construction of the truck is mechanically modified so that scale components can be mounted with only 5 mm extra fork height. Due to the minimal height difference, your drivers will not experience any disadvantages in practice from the newly placed weighing fork construction.

Via a weighing indicator connected to the forks, every lifted load is available in real time on the display of the indicator and, if desired, is communicated with a truck terminal or warehouse management system.

The RPW ST weighing system is ideal for quality control during drum filling, for mixing ingredients from containers or for simple weight control in the warehouse or production. Do you want to be able to invoice based on the weighed weight? Then choose a calibrated version. Do you weigh in an EX zone or in a food environment? The RPW ST is also available in an explosion-proof or stainless steel version.

As you can see, the RPW ST has a large number of basic functionalities and the system is also based on further configure your needs. View the technical specifications of the system below. Do you want more information? Then contact our specialists.

Retrofit and factory fit



The frame is entirely adapted to enable load cells to be built in. The fork shoes are screwed onto the load cells. Installation without any moving parts and full protection of load cells and cables. 


The indicator and the optional peripheral equipment are mounted in such way that they enable a good reading and at the same time do not hinder the operation of the electric stacker truck.

The RAVAS RPW ST weighing system for all makes and models of stackers

A top quality stacker weighing system, suitable for new and retrofit trucks. View the extensive benefits, functions, technical specifications and options.

Download the RAVAS RPW EL Technical Specs
RAVAS RPW ST Technical Specification
Equalizes the lifting capacity of the truck
Graduation multirange
0.5 kg at 500 kg; 1 kg at Q-max
Scale tolerance
0.1% of the load lifted
Protection class
Load cells IP67, indicator IP65
Power supply
From truck battery

Creating intelligence through RAVAS mobile weighing solutions

Our innovative mobile weighing solutions help you to organize your business processes more intelligently. How? Thanks to data communication and integration via weighing systems such as the RAVAS RPW ST system, your trucks are in direct contact with your ERP, TMS, WMS or other software platform and collect data 24 hours a day. This data enables you to continuously check whether what you are doing is correct and to determine which processes can be done faster and better, in order to optimize your supply chain.

No situation is the same. RAVAS therefore offers various software solutions for data management that help you optimize your data flows. Curious about how our solutions help you create intelligence for your logistics or industrial organization? Read more about data management through our mobile weighing solutions.

More about data management

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