The message is clear: our mobile weighing systems make logistics in and around your warehouses faster, more efficient and more versatile. Obviously, we want this to be done in the most secure manner. And so at RAVAS we came up with a solution for this too: the RAVAS SafeCheck. The moment a forklift truck is overloaded, an audio alarm goes off.

Built-in security
Forklift trucks are indispensable in logistics, because they can handle, transport, store and collect a lot of goods in a short time. It is precisely in this environment that it is important to ensure the safety of your employees. RAVAS devised an equally effective and affordable safety system for this: the RAVAS SafeCheck. It is suitable for all makes of trucks.

If a weighing system is nevertheless built into the forklift, it is smart to immediately guarantee extra safety. We therefore ensure that an alarm signal is triggered if the load on the forks exceeds a set limit value. This prevents accidents, injuries or damage from a tilted forklift or a broken fork. In short: this solution helps the forklift driver to avoid dangerous overload under all circumstances.

Easy and affordable
It is an easy and affordable system that is in high demand. We can mount it on both new and existing trucks. As soon as the truck starts, the SafeCheck switches on. The system also works in conjunction with the weighing carriages and front attachments.

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