Scales for forklift trucks

Forklifts are an indispensable and versatile means of transport for turning, transporting, storing or collecting goods. By mounting RAVAS weighing systems on the trucks, you ensure a professionalization process around your factories and warehouses, regardless of the industry or sector in which you work. We have a wide range of innovative weighing systems for your forklifts. The benefits are many.

Opting for process optimization
Process optimization within your logistics process has never been so close. The RAVAS weighing systems for forklift trucks effortlessly professionalize transport in and around factories and warehouses. This includes more precise goods acceptance, determining shipping weights, preventing overloading and accurate inventory and stock management.

New or retrofit
To achieve this, we offer a complete range of forklift weighing systems. These are smart attachments that we fit on trucks of all brands. It does not matter whether they are new or whether you want to convert your current forklifts. We discuss your needs and wishes and then come up with a weighing system to make your logistics processes more efficient, faster and therefore more profitable.

From iForks to hydraulic weighing systems
Think of the versatile iForks, the world's first and most complete wireless set of weighing forks for forklifts. These weighing forks give a new dimension to cross-docking, the weighing of incoming and outgoing goods and the safe loading and unloading of containers. Our hydraulic weighing systems prevent overloading and can easily carry out weight checks. The weighing carriages are extremely accurate and can weigh in combination with clamps or rotators.

For surefire logistics
Forklifts are universal. They are suitable for all industries and can be used in many places. The RAVAS weighing systems are just as comprehensive. Wherever you move small or large quantities of pallets or products, our weighing systems provide real-time data. This way you always have a grip on your logistics and you can look forward to a confident logistics future.

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