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At goods reception, incoming shipments are checked and registered. To prevent shortage of stocks and to support just-in-time deliveries, it is crucial that not only type and quality of goods are checked, but also the right amount. With a mobile scale integrated in your hand pallet truck or forklift truck you check incoming goods while they are being offloaded from the lorry. If an incomplete delivery is signaled, you can react and correct on the spot.

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Van Roessel Printers: incomplete deliveries signaled in time

Van Roessel Drukwerkers does specialised print jobs for the multimedia market. It sometimes happened that the presses had to be stopped, because paper had run out. Nowadays, incomplete deliveries are already signaled while offloading the lorry, by a scale on a forklift truck. The weight is registered while driving, which increases efficiency significantly.

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Case Van Roessel 690

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Saving time, space, and money

Total Produce

Total Produce is a large importer of fruit and vegetables. All fruit sold by price per kilo is weighed at goods reception by 4 employees. Using the RAVAS iForks saves approximately 30% of their time.

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Schneider Electric

In Schneider Electric’s logistic warehouse in Helmond, every single pallet is weighed at goods reception and again before shipping. The floor scale was a true bottleneck compared to the mobile weighing solutions.


At Heineken, return shipments of 1,000-liter beer tanks are weighed to determine the amount of beer left in the tanks, since customers are invoiced for the amount of beer consumed. Heineken uses iForks for quick and accurate weighing.

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