RAVAS mobile weighing technology


Mobile weighing is a highly efficient way to stay ahead. RAVAS mobile weighing technology solutions help you to improve logistics and production processes, performance and efficiency, reducing costs at the same time. From wireless data communication to advanced highly accurate weighing.


Warehouse connectivity

RAVAS Data Collector

The RAVAS Data Collector software enables you to collect the real-time weighing data from your mobile weighing system on a network PC. Secure and effortless.

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RAVAS Data Manager

RAVAS Data Manager is a software interface between any ERP/WMS system and RAVAS truck scales. RDM allows you to read a weight from a truck at any point in the operation. 

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RAVAS Integration Software

RAVAS Integration Software is the best choice for complete integration of your mobile weighing data into your WMS or ERP system. Fully benefit your real-time weighing data.

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For highly accurate weighing


RAVAS has patented its FlexBolts. This advanced piece of mobile weighing technology ensures that longitudinal and torque forces are absorbed. A load on the forks is optimally transferred onto the load cell sensors and therefore measured as accurately as possible. This advances highly accurate weighing.

How to invoice your customers by weight?

Optionally available on a wide range of RAVAS mobile weighing systems is an OIML validation or Legal for Trade verification. This means that the product can be used to invoice customers by weight. RAVAS has been certified by the NMI (Dutch Metrology Institute) to do initial verifications and recalibrations of legal for trade scales, in accordance with Council Directives 90/384/EEC and 93/86/EEC, concerning non-automatic weighing systems, and module D of Council Decision 93/465/EEC.

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