RDM software to integrate and monitor weighing data

RAVAS Data Manager

How it works

Integrate weighing data

The RAVAS Data Manager enables a simple link between any WMS or ERP system and the weighing systems of RAVAS. Every truck with a weighing system needs a unique IP address for WiFi communication. The IP address is programmed in the truck's communication controller. Your WMS makes a request to RDM, RDM in turn communicates with the truck, waits for the response and returns the result to the WMS.

The RAVAS Data Manager explained

Think of a warehouse, where orders are collected using an RF terminal that is connected to the WMS. Each order is picked on an individual pallet and sent to an RF terminal. The picker is guided to a specific warehouse location where one or more products must be picked. The weight of each product is known in the WMS. After confirmation that the products have been picked, the RF terminal requests a weight from the order pick truck. This weight is compared with the expected weight. If this is not correct, an additional response can be sent directly to the RF terminal that the picker must add or remove products from the pallet.

RDM Order Picker 690
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