Weighing electric pallet trucks

Weighing electric pallet trucks are available especially for heavier work in and around warehouses. These all-rounders increase the precision in your warehouse. You double your efficiency in one fell swoop with this logistics solution. Our systems are specially designed for weighing palletized goods in motion. The weighing systems can be mounted on all makes and models of electric pallet trucks.

Weigh heavier pallets in motion
The major advantage of the electrically powered pallet trucks is that they are suitable for transporting heavier pallets over long distances. The RAVAS entry-level electric pallet truck is suitable, for example, for drivers who have to be in difficult locations or for warehouse employees who move several pallets at the same time. The built-in weighing system ensures that employees have all the necessary weighing information at their disposal.

Weighing Ergo Truck
The Ergo Truck has been specially developed to transport heavier pallets (up to 1500 kg) over short distances. The truck is equipped with an electric drive and lifting function. The integrated weighing system measures every load you lift. The displays are available in different versions.

Perfect weighing system for all pallet trucks
We offer a wide choice of weighing systems. The RAVAS RPW EL is a perfect weighing system for electric pallet trucks. Every lifted load is immediately weighed and this data is immediately communicated with your EMS or ERP. The weighing system can be mounted on all makes and models of electric pallet trucks. So it does not matter whether it concerns your current or new pallet trucks.

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