The RAVAS Ergo-Truck 2

The RAVAS Ergo-Truck 2 is the ideal choice for moving and weighing heavy pallets over short distances. This affordable, electrically powered pallet truck combines ergonomics with the functionality of a weighing hand pallet truck, but with added power and comfort.  

Suitable for weights up to 1500 kilograms, the Ergo-Truck 2 offers an efficient solution that not only minimizes the physical strain on your staff, but also speeds up and simplifies the work process. With the Ergo-Truck 2, you retain all the benefits of a traditional hand pallet truck, enriched with advanced functionalities for an optimal user experience.  

Bert de Greeff, Manager Marketing, Communications & Product Management

"The combination of RAVAS weighing technology with this electric pallet truck, maximizes the efficiency of logistics processes and requires only a modest investment that quickly pays for itself."   

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Ergonomic and convenient weighing

Electric drive

The RAVAS Ergo-Truck 2 combines weighing and moving in one hand pallet truck. The electric drive allows you to move heavy loads quickly and easily over short distances. 

Easy to use

The 0.75 kW drive motor easily moves loads over 750kg, with a maximum capacity of as much as 1500kg.  

Durable battery

Thanks to the easily replaceable 24V/20Ah Li-ion battery, this electric pallet truck can remain operational for long periods of time without the need for frequent recharging. Moreover, you can optionally add a second battery, allowing the Ergo-Truck 2 to be operational for up to 11 hours.

Certified for trading purposes

Billing customers directly by weight is possible thanks to the option of ordering the RAVAS Ergo-Truck 2 with an OIML-certificate.  

Weighing capacity
Max. 1.500kg
Scale part
Up to 500 kg: 0.5 kg, up to 1,500 kg: 1 kg
Max. tolerance
0.1% of the recorded load
LCD 2-color, digit height 20 mm, backlight
Power consumption
Power supply
Via truck battery, including inverter/regulator

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Link real-time weighing data to your ERP, TMW or WMS system

Discover how our innovative mobile weighing solutions, such as the RAVAS Ergo-Truck 2, can transform your business processes. Through integrated weighing solutions, these smart trucks are in constant communication with your ERP, TMS, WMS system, collecting real-time data. This crucial information helps you continuously monitor and optimize your processes, making your supply chain more efficient and effective. 

Every situation requires a unique approach. That's why RAVAS offers a range of data management software solutions specifically designed to streamline your data traffic. Want to learn more about how our Ergo-Truck 2 and other mobile weighing solutions can make your logistics or industrial operations more intelligent? 

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