"Input for efficiency is the slogan with which Huijbregts Groep offers its logistic services to the food industry. For us, mobile weighing is a logical tool in this pursuit for efficiency."  


Extensive checks to be sure

Huijbregts Groep in Helmond does powder logistics. The company not only supplies the food industry with raw materials in powder form, but also blends these into premixes in batch units, according to the unique recipe of the client. Next to this, Huijbregts provides logistic services, such as purchasing, packaging, stocking and distributing of these raw materials and premixes. In outsourcing these logistical processes, the client also outsources part of his quality control to Huijbregts Groep. This responsibility means that extensive checks are performed on all Huijbregts products.

Lots of weighing moments

In making a premix batch, weighing is essential. Not only since Huijbregts guarantees its clients a constant composition of the mix, but also because a kilo too much or too little can seriously change the recipe for a premix. The ingredients are checked for weight several times during the process. The raw materials for a premix are brought together on pallets, according to an order list. Before the ingredients are emptied into the mixer, the total weight is checked against the order list. After the mixing process is completed, the end weight of the batch is checked once again. At Huijbregts Groep all these weighing actions were performed on a central fixed scale. This resulted in an endless driving to and from with loaded pallets.

Weighing during handling process

Nowadays Huijbregts weighs on an electrical pallet truck with built-in weighing system, the same truck that transports the ingredients from the raw materials warehouse to the mixer. Thus they weigh during the handling process. Before and after mixing the premix, the weight of the batch is checked on the electrical pallet truck. The print out with weights and production order number, together with the order list and a sample of the premix, is sent to the laboratory for a final quality check.
The number of handlings has decreased enormously: Huijbregts Groep saves several man hours per day, thanks to the RAVAS weighing system on the electrical pallet truck. Moreover, the fork lift truck that used to drive to and from the fixed scale is now free for other jobs.



Huijbregts Groep

Helmond, The Netherlands

Dosing and mixing


Dosing and mixing
When producing batches of semi finished or finished product, the aim is to correctly mix the different ingredients and components. Amounts and proportions determine the quality of the product. A mobile scale helps you to produce cheaper, safer and more efficient. It also generates the information you need for quality control and tracking and tracing procedures. The scale is brought to the components: on a hand pallet truck scale the mixing vessel is driven from one ingredient to the next and components are dosed straight from their container. The risk of damages and product loss is greatly reduced.