Advanced scale functions

Touch screen display

The display has a very intuitive 5 inch touch screen with 25 mm high digits. Only the active keys are visible, making it extremely easy to use.

Lithium ion powered

Power supply by a rechargeable and removable Li-ion battery. In combination with power save functions it enables you to work for hours on end.

Customized functions

The indicator offers several advanced scale functions, including a piece counting program. It is also programmable for customer specific routines.

Integrated data connectivity

The indicator features multiple types of connectivity for data transfer, such as RS232 interface, USB-output and advanced connectivity via Bluetooth or WiFi.

De RAVAS-5200-F Li weighing pallet truck

An advanced weighing hand pallet truck with customer-specific functions. View the extensive benefits, functions, technical specifications and options.

Download the RAVAS-5200 Technical Specifications
RAVAS 5200 Technical Specification EU
Weighing capacity
2,000 kg
Graduation multirange
0-200 kg: 0,2, 200-500 kg: 0,5, 500-2,000 kg: 1 kg
Full-colour 5” touch display with 25 mm high digits
Power supply
Li-ion battery pack 14.8V/5Ah, charger included
Automatic and manual zero correction, gross/net weighing, tare memory for 10 values, ID-code entry for 4 ID-codes with 10 preset codes, 10 totalizing registers, on board: RS232 port connection for printer, USB output for data transfer, Bluetooth 4.0 for RAVAS WeightsApp, sleep modes for saving power, error message in display incl. logging
Legal for trade version OIML III, available in stainless steel, thermal or matrix printer 12V, Bluetooth or WiFi data transfer, reference scale via RS232 (for more accurate piece counting), RDC (RAVAS Data Collector Software), RIS (RAVAS Integration Server).

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