RAVAS iForks-52

Main benefits

Mast tilt displayed

The RAVAS iForks-52 offers several smart extras compared to the iForks-32. The driver display shows the live discharge status of the fork batteries. It also shows the tilt of the mast in its graphical display, making it easy to put the mast in vertical position for the most accurate weighing. And it shows the weight distribution of the load over the forks, advising the driver on how to avoid dangerous tip and side loads.

Piece counting

The touch screen display is very intuitive and can be personalized. The lift truck driver can enlarge the field that shows the forks' weight or rearrange the soft keys in the display to his or her own preference. And the 5200 display offers many extra functions. Piece counting for example, by entering piece weight, from the piece weight memory, piece weight calculation and by reference weighing scale

How to Calibrate iForks

iForks are mobile weighing scales for forklifts designed to provide real-time data to the operator. To properly using the benefits of iForks Bluetooth technology and mobile weighing capabilities, the iForks need to be properly calibrated. Here is a step-by-step guide to properly calibrating your iForks so they can 100% set up for your operation.

How to Properly Calibrate iForks

Compatible with the new RAVAS WeightsApp

RAVAS WeightsApp
Weighing capacity
2,500 kg, 3,000 kg or 5,000 kg
Graduation multirange
1-2 kg at 2,500 kg, 1-2 kg at 3,000 kg, 2-5 kg at 5,000 kg
System tolerance
0.1% of the load lifted
Protection class
IP65 / NEMA 4
Dimensions indicator
L x B x H = 85 x 165 x 115 mm (excl. bracket)
Automatic and manual zero correction, gross/net weighing, ID-code entry for max. 4 codes with 10 preset codes (each max. 14 characters), 10 totalizing registers, integrated level correction in the forks, counting functionality, tip and side loading error messages with logging, overload protection 200% on mechanical construction.
Data communication
Weighing data can be stored in the indicator and then transferred to Excel via USB stick, USB input/output or barcode scanner with USB connection, 4 communication ports: RS232 for a printer, USB for data transfer, free COM 1 for WiFi, Bluetooth, or RS232, free COM 2 for WiFi or RS232, equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 for RAVAS WeightsApp.
OIML III legal for trade version/type approval, different fork lengths, power regulator for IC-trucks, thermal or matrix printer, long-drop forks for a special type of trucks, wide claws for use in combination with rotator or fork positioners, RAVAS data integration and/or collector software.

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