Basic scale functions

Solid work horse

Thanks to the robust chassis, this weighing hand pallet truck is suitable for basic and general day-to-day weighing needs.

Fit for harsh conditions

Being both shock and vibration resistant and watertight makes this pallet scale most suitable for rough or outdoor conditions.

Accuracy at a good price

The combination of the robust chassis and the power supply by four standard AA-batteries enables an attractive price level with acceptable accuracy.

Industrial applications

The RAVAS-110 checks weights at goods reception or when filling out transport documents a reliable asset in all industrial applications.

De RAVAS-110 weighing hand pallet jack scale

A top quality weighing hand pallet jack scale, excellent for industrial use. View the extensive benefits, functions, technical specifications and options.

Download the RAVAS-110 Technical Specifications
RAVAS 110 Technical Specification US
Weighing capacity
5,000 lbs
2lbs — 0 to 5000lbs
Maximum tolerance
0.1% of the load lifted
Power supply indicator
4 x 1.5 AA batteries
Automatic and manual zero correction, gross/net weighing, totaling with sequence number, error messages in the display, automatic switch-off after 3-minutes of non-use, low battery warning in the display.
Built-in thermal printer

CryoTechnics uses the RAVAS-110 to weigh dry ice

CryoTechnics Cleaning Solutions uses a RAVAS-110 to weigh dry ice, a highly volatile product. The liquid carbon dioxide flows into the production area from a large tank, where a machine freezes it and shapes it into pellets. These are immediately dosed into special containers, using the RAVAS-110 pallet truck scale to measure the ordered weight. 

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