ProLine Touch

Programmable touch screen indicator

Extreme accuracy

Patented Flexi-pins, which absorb torque forces exerted on the forks, allow you to transfer a load on the forks undistorted onto the load cells. This enables you to measure with high accuracy in 100-gram increments.

Touch screen indicator

The touch screen indicator has a programmable user interface, offering optimal user-friendliness. The touch screen leads the user through the application in a clear and unequivocal way.


The indicator has a USB port for data capture and can communicate with WMS or ERP software programs via Bluetooth or WiFi.


The ProLine Touch is suited for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, parts supply chains, postal companies, and banks.

The Proline Touch weighing hand pallet jack scale

A hi-tech weighing hand pallet jack scale, excellent for high precision use. View the extensive benefits, functions, technical specifications and options.

Download the ProLine Touch Technical Specs
Proline Touch Technical Specification US
Weighing capacity
4,409.25 lbs.
Multirange graduation
0-440.925 lbs, 440.925-1,102.31 lbs, 440.925-4,409.245 lbs
Max. tolerance
0.08% of the load lifted
Fork length: 1150, fork width: 160, minimum fork height: 90, maximum fork height: 205, lifting height: 115, width over forks: 550 Fork length: 45 inches Fork Width: 6.29 inches Minimum Fork Height: 3.54 inches Maximum Fork Height: 8.07 inches Lifting Height: 4.52 inches Width Over Forks: 21.65 inches
Automatic and manual zero correction, gross/net weighing, automatic and manual tare via touch screen, totaling with sequence number, piece counting by sampling or calculation of piece weights, error messages in the display.
Client-specific software, 2 extra exchangeable batteries, built-in thermal printer, Bluetooth or WLAN output, legal for trade version, OIML III, 0.1 kg graduation, maximum 1,000 kg capacity, stainless steel fork shoes or completely in stainless steel

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