ProLine Touch

Programmable touch screen indicator


ProLine Touch accurately calculates weight in increments of 3.5 ounces. The patented flexi-pins absorb the torque forces applied to the forks, eliminating vibration that can interfere with the precise weight measurement.


Traditional methods of manual counting and weighing can be time-consuming. The ProLine Touch streamlines both processes by providing immediate piece count information and weights, allowing for efficient dosing, order picking, and packing.


The ProLine Touch automates the counting and weighing processes, reducing the risk of human error, reducing the time to calculate weight, and improving overall accuracy. 

Data Management

The touchscreen indicator has a programmable user interface and is intuitive. It captures data from the scale and is Bluetooth-enabled to share that information wirelessly with a WMS or ERP.

The Proline Touch weighing hand pallet jack scale

A hi-tech weighing hand pallet jack scale, excellent for high precision use. View the extensive benefits, functions, technical specifications and options.

Download the ProLine Touch Technical Specs
Proline Touch Technical Specification US
Weighing capacity
5,000 lbs
Multirange graduation
0 - 400 lb: graduation 0.2 lb; 400 - 1,000 lb: graduation 0.5 lb; 1,000 - 5,000 lb: graduation 1 lb
Maximum tolerance
0.08% of the load lifted
Fork length: 48 inches; Fork Width: 7.1 inches; Minimum Fork Height: 3.25 inches; Maximum Fork Height: 7.9 inches; Lifting Height: 4.8 inches; Width Over Forks: 27.2 inches
Automatic and manual zero correction, gross/net weighing, automatic and manual tare via touch screen, totaling with sequence number, piece counting by sampling or calculation of piece weights, error messages in the display.
Client-specific software, two extra exchangeable batteries, built-in thermal printer, Bluetooth or WLAN output, Legal for Trade NTEP-certified version, stainless steel fork shoes or completely in stainless steel

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