Extended scale functions


With a maximum tolerance of 0.1% of the forks' load, the RAVAS-320 provides accurate weights, making it perfect for use in warehouses and production environments, such as mixing and batching.


By combining the tasks of weighing and moving palletized goods, the RAVAS-320 reduces the labor intensity associated with separate weighing processes. It leads to a more efficient use of labor resources, which helps to save time and reduce costs.


The RAVAS-320 comes standard with an NTEP-certified legal-for-trade scale for when you invoice by weight. It can also be equipped with a built-in printer that outputs data such as weights, a numerical ID, date/time, and article or order number.

Real-time Data

Equipped with a digital display, the RAVAS-320 provides real-time weight readings. This feature allows operators to monitor and record weights on the spot, contributing to efficient logistics processes, inventory management, and piece counting.

De RAVAS-320 weighing pallet truck

A top quality weighing hand pallet truck with additional weighing functions available. Suitable for use in both warehouses and production environments. View the extensive benefits, functions, technical specifications and options.

Download the RAVAS-320 Technical Specifications
RAVAS 320 Technical Specification US
Weighing capacity
5,000 lbs
Graduation multirange
2 lbs — 0 to 3000 lbs, 5 lbs — 3,001 to 5,000 lbs
Maximum tolerance
0.1% of the load lifted
Protection class
Load cells IP67, indicator IP65
Fork length: 45 inches Fork Width: 6.69 inches Fork Height: 3.54 inches Space Underneath Fork: 0.86 inches Maximum Fork Height: 7.08 inches Lifting Height: 3.54 inches Width Over Forks: 21.25 inches
Automatic and manual zero correction, gross/net weighing, automatic and manual tare, totaling with sequence number, Bluetooth 4.0 for RAVAS WeightsApp, automatic switch-off after 30 minutes of non-use, kg/lb toggle
Legal for Trade NTEP-certified version, extra exchangeable battery pack, built-in thermal printer, relay setpoint switch for automatic dosing, multirange graduation, stainless steel fork shoes, stainless steel or galvanized truck, pivoting indicator: readout from all angles during dosing, footbrake or handbrake, different fork dimensions, different steering or loading wheels

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