Fast ROI

Immediate cost savings

By capturing the material's weight, whether on a pallet or free-standing, without stopping to drop the load on a fixed floor scale, transporters improve productivity and intra-logistics. Mobile weighing systems create immediate cost savings and often deliver a complete return on investment within months.

As an example, if your shipping department weighs an average of four pallets per hour using a hand pallet truck, with a RAVAS mobile weighing system, you save a minute, and a half per pallet weighed. That means a daily saving of 48 minutes or 200 hours per year. If a warehouse employee earns $25 per hour, you save $5,000 per year, and the mobile weighing system will have earned itself back within three months.

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Integration of weighing data in WMS or ERP

RAVAS has created a process where users of its mobile weighing systems can integrate the flow of materials and information. Mobile weighing scales allow integration of weight information where it's most productive: on the lift truck. RAVAS has transformed material handling equipment into a platform for generating real-time information on material flows. Materials are identified, weighed, dimensioned, and photographed, and the scales systems capture and then share that data with WMS or ERP systems via truck terminals and wireless networks. This information is made available to logistics professionals and software platforms, improving efficiency and lowering operating costs.

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Iforks 690

Complete range

Forklift scales solutions


RAVAS offers a wide range of iForks, weighing forks designed and built for multiple logistics and production applications, such as cross-docking, weighing inbound and outbound goods, and the safe loading and unloading of containers.

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Carriage plate scales

The RAVAS carriage plate scales range offers various forklift scales mounted onto the truck's original carriage plate. The attachment is mounted onto the weighing carriage plate.

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Hydraulic scales

RAVAS supplies a complete range of hydraulic scales for mounting on forklift trucks. For simple check weighing, where high accuracy is not required. Full option scale available.

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Forklift safety

Prevent accidents, injuries, and damages from tipping forklifts and breaking forks. Check out the RAVAS solutions for forklift safety.

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