Carriage plate scales

The RAVAS iCP is an intelligent carriage plate scale designed to weigh loads instantly while transported with a forklift truck. Several factors can disrupt inventory management within a logistics warehouse. Duplicate procedures, inaccurate shipping data, and picking delays are some of the more costly disruptions. The iCP automates weight data collection and shares the information wirelessly to your WMS via Bluetooth.


And the frustrations are gone. 
Capturing weight with a traditional floor scale requires forklift operators to complete numerous tasks just to weigh a load. RAVAS has a solution that speeds up the logistics process by eliminating redundancies and improving the gathering and sharing of critical data. As a result, mobile weighing is faster, safer, more efficient, and more interactive. It is a unique weighing system that professionalizes your logistics.

Compatible and intelligent

The RAVAS iCP is compatible with most forklift trucks and requires no modifications. The iCP has a single load cell with an accuracy of 0.2%. The iCP-WiM 2500, with our advanced Weigh in Motion technology, is as much as 0.4% accurate at weights up to 500 kg and 0.2% accurate at weights from 500-2500 kg.The onboard indicator is easy to operate, collects critical data, and can share information wirelessly via Bluetooth. Also available is a legal for trade version that is NTEP certified when you need to invoice based on weight.

Icp 720

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