Looking for a robust, convenient, and cost-effective solution that increases efficiency in your warehouse? The RAVAS hydraulic weighing systems are designed for simple weight checks of pallets and goods. They also avoid overloading your trucks, warehouse racks, and forklift trucks.

Faster, safer, and more effective 
The advantage of mobile weighing systems is that they are fast, safe, and effective. As a result, they quickly increase the output of the logistics in and around your warehouses. At RAVAS, we have developed a complete range of hydraulic weighing systems specifically for forklift trucks. They are perfect for simple control activities, where high accuracy is not required.

Simple as this 
The solution is simple: we integrate a hydraulic weighing system into the hydraulic circuit of the forklift so that forklift truck operators can read the measurement of the load on the forks via a display. Overloading lorries, warehouse racks, and the forklift is a thing of the past.

RAVAS RCS: easy and cost-efficient 
Our weighing systems can be mounted on all forklift trucks, regardless of brand or model. The RAVAS RCS is a universal weighing system used to check incoming goods or avoid overload. The system is also suitable for use with rotators and/or clamps. Above all, it is an easy, cost-effective, and robust solution.

Latest generation: RAVAS RCS Hy-Q-52 
The RAVAS RCS Hy-Q-52 is our newest hydraulic weighing system and our most accurate. Equipped with an intuitive full-color touchscreen display with overload indication, the system is easy to install. In addition, it features a USB port and Bluetooth, so you can easily communicate with other devices and systems. You can also use the RAVAS WeightsApp to download data and send it via email.

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