Mobile Weighing solutions that deliver


RAVAS provides solutions that enable those involved in material handling and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping to weigh goods on-the-go within a warehouse setting, eliminating the need for traditional floor scales. This innovation leads to enhanced efficiency, better internal logistics management, cost savings, and a swift return on investment, often in just a few months.


Specializing in the creation and supply of mobile weighing systems, RAVAS caters to the needs of operations in material handling, logistics centers, as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing sectors. The range of solutions is suitable for manual and electric pallet jacks, as well as for forklifts.

Solutions for forklift trucks


The product line for RAVAS scales for counterbalanced trucks includes iForks-32, iForks-32 XT, and iForks-52. The iForks-32 is a high-accuracy, next-generation scale system. With only a 2.3-inch fork height and no external components on the fork shank, iForks-32 is similar in appearance to standard lift truck forks. However, because of smart solutions like an onboard indicator, Bluetooth connectivity and a compact Lithium-ion battery pack you’re getting a lot more. iForks-32 XT is the extra thin version of the iForks-32 and features a reduced fork height of only 1.77 inches. Which makes picking up containers with low openings or damaged pallets easier.


Besides the iFork the RAVAS iCP is also showcased at the booth. An intelligent carriage plate scale system that weighs pallet loads while being unloaded or transported with a forklift. With the iCP, lifting, weighing, counting, accumulating, and transporting are accomplished as a single efficient operation.

Discover the award-winning Weigh in Motion Technology


The Weigh in Motion technology on an intelligent carriage plate (iCP) ensures accurate and reliable weight determination while a forklift is in motion. This results in significant time savings and cost reduction, as the driver can weigh without stopping. It also prevents unnecessary additional transport movements and manual activities, contributing to higher efficiency, lower risk of accidents, better sustainability, and increased employee satisfaction compared to traditional weighing methods. 


The seamless integration of Weigh in Motion technology with TMS, WMS, or ERP systems enables real-time weight control, load optimization, and prevention of over- or underloading of trucks, ensuring streamlined operations and maximum productivity. Additionally, data can be automatically collected, stored, and analyzed. This integration promotes the weight registration process, improves inventory accuracy, and facilitates data-driven decision-making. 


RAVAS’s Weigh in Motion technology is recently honored with the award for 'Most Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport, and Production 2023' during the Logistyki, Transportu i Produkcji gala in Warsaw, Poland, and currently nominated for the esteemed International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award.


This innovative technology is planned to launch in the US later this year.

Solutions for pallet jacks


Hand pallet jack scales

RAVAS's portable weighing solutions for pallet jacks adapt seamlessly to

any warehouse setting. The RAVAS-110 model is a dependable hand pallet jack equipped with fundamental weighing capabilities. For those requiring enhanced data communication features, the RAVAS-320 presents a more sophisticated choice. Additionally, the cutting-edge RAVAS-520 stands out as a state-of-the-art hand pallet jack scale, boasting advanced weighing functions and extensive connectivity options.


Electric pallet jack scales

The iJack-26 and iJack-40 models are also shown at Modex. These solutions merge RAVAS's cutting-edge weighing technology with the power of lithium-ion batteries and Bluetooth connectivity, offering users one of the most effective electric pallet jacks available. These models are particularly well-suited for use in retail and commercial settings.


The RPW EL electric pallet jack is tailored for tasks such as order picking and weight-based selection, facilitating the movement of pallets within a warehouse setting with ease. Each load is immediately weighed in transit, ensuring continuous operation. Customize your setup with a scale indicator of your choosing to display shipping details and, if needed, integrate with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for streamlined communication.

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