Check weights during order picking

Logistic service provider PAKO does order picking for 171 Mäc-Geiz stores, a chain of small shops selling drugstore articles, stationary and other non-food products. PAKO stocks and distributes 3500 different articles and registers 28.000 picking actions per day. This number is expected to rise to 38.000 within the year.

Picking errors corrected on the spot

Via a wireless network the Warehouse Management System (WMS) checks the weight of the articles on the truck after each order line picked, to verify that the actual weight of the order line on the truck corresponds with the theoretical weight from the article database. Only when that is the case and the order line is therefore correctly picked, does the operator receive the next order line on his terminal. Thus picking errors are corrected on the spot where it costs the least: at the picking slot. The online weight check by the WMS takes so little time, that the number of picked orderliness per operator per hour has remained the same. The number of errors has been reduced considerably.

"We are absolutely on the right track with the RAVAS mobile scales. We can now easily reduce our error level in order picking."


Result: direct cost savings

Mobile weighing offers several attractive advantages for PaKo: since the error level has gone down there are fewer complaints, reducing the administrative workload. End control in the warehouse has become redundant, resulting in direct cost savings for PaKo. All order pick actions are checked and recorded, providing demonstrable quality to (prospective) clients. And finally: shipping weights no longer need to be determined separately. Pallet weights are compiled during order picking and automatically end up on the shipping documents, through the WMS. 
PaKo intends to equip all 34 order pick trucks with a RAVAS mobile scale.




Landsberg, Germany

Order picking

Order picking
In order picking performance comes down to two things: speed and accuracy. Errors mean a burden on the organisation, because they cost time, money and goodwill. Weighing on order picking trucks helps preventing picking errors. If an error is signaled, the order picker can react immediately and correct the error where the cost is lowest: at the picking slot. If the integrated scale is used in its counting mode, the order picker can also read on the display how many articles in the order line he has picked. This will raise his handling speed and reduce the opportunity for counting errors.