Dedicated warehouses

General logistical service provider and transporter DSV has distribution hubs in more than 50 countries. In association with partners and agents DSV provide their services in more than 100 countries. Worldwide DSV knows three divisions: freight, air freight and sea freight and Solutions, logistical solutions such as storage, distribution or repackaging.

Determining shipping weights

The Solutions division of DSV is established in the port area of Amsterdam. At this site the total warehouse floor surface is 30,000 m². In dedicated warehouses goods of well-known electronics companies and publishers are stored. It concerns batteries, micro-electronics and weld robots and scientific illustrated magazines. Each warehouse houses a single customer of DSV Solutions. Because they are competitive producers and because their customers have very specific wishes, DSV has been chosen for this Dedicated Warehouse concept.

"The advantage of mobile weighing is that it goes rapidly, without disruption of the process. In our warehouse we have thousands of pallet movements per day. The gain of time by mobile weighing rather than using a fixed scale is approximately 1.5 minute per weighing; at 400 outgoing pallets this saves 10 man-hours per day. Speaking about efficiency, for DSV Solutions this is an enormous profit."


Weighing during order picking saves 10 man-hours a day

DSV Solutions is a 3PL/4PL service provider. They look after the distribution, collect the orders and deliver the products to the end customer. Each task is picked and packed on a pallet. Weighing during picking and packing ensures that the process is not interrupted. Outgoing goods are weighed so DSV can specify the gross weight on the bill of lading. Also the scientific illustrated magazines and parcels are weighed with a RAVAS-2100L during orderpicking and packing before sending.

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DSV Solutions

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Shipping weights

Shipping weights
Every company that ships goods needs to know the weight of these goods as accurately as possible. The sender is required by law to declare the correct weight on the shipping documents. Overloads and incorrect declaration can cause a lot of trouble. Determining shipping weights is probably the most common use of a hand pallet truck scale. It’s in the shipping department where time can be saved by weighing mobile. Middle and smaller sized companies seldom handle large numbers of pallets per day. However, efficient weighing in the shipping department offers other advantages as well. Shipping weights can be printed on a ticket, together with an order number and date and time.