LTS Scale is now RAVAS USA, INC.

As of January 1, 2021, Nielco Inc., dba LTS Scale has merged with RAVAS USA, LLC to form RAVAS USA, INC. The deal originated when RAVAS Europe acquired LTS Scale to develop the US market for mobile scales on November 8, 2019. Since 1994, LTS Scale has been a renowned manufacturer of high-precision forklift scales.

Mobile Weighing Solutions

Carriage Scales

Need mobile weighing solutions with a combination of attachments? Try our LTS carriage scales. Best used with rotators and clamps, our carriage scales provide a wide range of possibilities for forklift truck scales to weigh product in combination with attachments 

LTS Scale is now RAVAS

RAVAS History

In 2019 RAVAS acquired LTS Scale to generate both a market share and operational infrastructure for RAVAS USA, INC. Twinsburg, Ohio, is now the new US headquarters for RAVAS. Interested in learning more about? Check out more fascinating RAVAS history details below!