Mobile Weighing or Floor Scale Weighing - What is better?

Selecting the Right Weighing Scales

Mobile Weighing or Floor Scale Weighing - What is better?

Industrial Floor Scales areĀ a staple when it comes to manufacturing and distribution. From quality control checks for large batches of produced products to pallet weights for shipping and logistics, floor scales have endless amounts of helpful weighing purposes.

However, over time many manufacturers, logistics companies, and end-users have found floor scales to operate as bottlenecks. Initially designed as the only way to weigh products within the process of your fleet operations, many users have found this method of weighing to be outdated, inefficient, and cheap.

Notwithstanding the size of your operations, taking a product to a single point on the floor to weigh inventory can cause causes many inefficiencies in your day-to-day operations. If your company is constantly turning around stock and inventory, you need to quickly, safely, and promptly weigh the product. Also, you have to consider the workforce you are investing in to handle these tasks.

A floor scale may be a cheaper option when purchasing a weighing scale. But is it the more affordable option in the long run? Will it save your company money or make it money?

Why You Should Use Mobile Weighing Scales

Portable weighing scalesĀ generate efficiency and speed for logistical processes in warehouses. For example, instead of weighing a product at a single point, now you can weigh the product on the go.

Portable weighing scales are built within the equipment. RAVAS offers scales for hand pallet jacks, electric and warehouse jacks, forklifts, and standups. Utilizing a mobile weighing scale will cut your downtime in half. In addition, it allows your operations to weigh products quicker, safely, and efficiently by simpling lifting your palletized goods.

Built tough, portable weighing scales not only transport goods quickly but are easy to install, accurate, and cost-effective. The best aspect of portable weighing scales is that they can transfer data instantly to your business system to help further streamline your logistical processes.

How so? At RAVAS, we provide scales with Bluetooth 4.0 data technology connecting to digital indicators, allowing your operators to see the weight instantly. Then, utilizing the RAVAS WeightsApp or a digital server, transfer the data to your business system with a button push.

Portable weighing scales help make your business operate faster and better. We want to make your work easier. So it's not a question of whether one should use a mobile weighing scale or a floor scale. Instead, it's why you would not use a portable weighing scale.

RAVAS Mobile Weighing VS Traditional Weighing - Work twice as fast!

RAVAS Mobile Weighing allows you to work, weigh, and manage your fleet twice as fast as you would with a traditional floor scale. But don't let our words convince you. Instead, watch the evidence for yourself.

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