Of course, the experts at RAVAS will help you with your questions. But we would like to help you get started the best way possible. The questions below will help you think about your situation and your wishes to determine which pallet truck best suits you.

If, after reading this article, you require additional clarification or have other questions. For all your questions about mobile weighing with a pallet truck, please contact our Sales Office at +31 418 515220 or use the contactform

For which application do you use the weighing pallet truck?
A weighing pallet truck is very suitable for various applications in logistics and industry. They are efficient, portable, safe, and durable. However, what is the best application for a pallet truck? A pallet truck is best when you do not require precise requirements such as stock control, piece counting, mixing, dosing, or checking incoming goods.

However, there are also applications for which a hand pallet truck is not the most suitable solution. For example, an electric pallet truck would be more suitable when you need to participate in order picking and fulfilling customer orders quickly and efficiently. Do you need to store the pallet at height? In this case, you would want to choose a weighing stacker instead.


Do you know the weights and the transport distance for which you want to use the pallet truck?
A manual weighing hand pallet truck is an excellent transport tool for moving palletized goods horizontally over a short distance. An advantage of such a hand pallet truck is its relatively low purchase price. However, do you regularly deal with weights greater than 750 kilograms or move the pallet goods over long distances? In this case, an electric weighing pallet truck is a better solution for you.


Do you use the weighing pallet truck for high-accuracy weighing tasks?
At RAVAS, we have different types of weighing pallet trucks available. From more basic hand pallet trucks or high-tech weighing hand pallet trucks to electric weighing pallet trucks.

Multiple models and weighing functionalities have been developed for companies looking for a solution to their high-accuracy mobile weighing tasks. Perfect for fine mixing, dosing, and batch applications.


Are you performing work in a special environment?
Mobile weighing solutions for applications within e.g., a hazardous area? RAVAS offers a range of ATEX-certified models for use in hazardous environments. 

For work in the food and pharmaceutical industries, we offer a range of 100% stainless steel weighing hand pallet trucks for minimum maintenance and maximum hygiene.


Are you using an ERP or Warehouse Management System?
RAVAS solutions provide valuable data on material flows and make this data available to software platforms through data communication with connected trucks. Unfortunately, not all pallet trucks have this data communication capability via cabling, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Depending on your needs around data processing and data management, several options are available.


Do you invoice customers based on weight?
To invoice your customers based on weight, you must use a calibrated weighing system. An OIML verification called Legal for Trade is available for many of our mobile weighing systems.


Additional options?
Depending on your specific situation, various additional options are available. For example, think of connecting a printer or a barcode scanner to your mobile weighing system. The RAVAS mobile weighing solutions will, in almost all cases, perfectly meet your requirements. For all specific additional options or questions about mobile weighing with a pallet truck, please contact our Sales Office team specialists at +31 418 515220 or use the contactform.