"This nomination for the IFOY Award is confirmation of our commitment to innovation and quality," says Michael van Dijk, International Key Account Manager. "With the Weigh in Motion technology, we are taking a major step forward in optimizing logistic processes and increasing safety in the workplace. We are honored by this recognition and look forward to the official launch of the Weigh in Motion technology for Europe at LogiMAT in March. Weigh in Motion is expected to launch in the US later this year." 


The IFOY Award, recognized as one of the most prestigious honors in the international forklift industry, shines a spotlight on the most innovative and impactful developments in the sector. RAVAS is excited to be nominated in the 'Special of the Year' category, focusing on improving profitability, sustainability, and physical and psychological working conditions. 

About Weigh in Motion technology 


We are making a revolutionary leap forward in the world of mobile weighing technology with our advanced Weigh in Motion technology, developed for integration in forklifts. This technology, which was also recently recognized with the 'Most Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport, and Production 2023' award at the Logistyki, Transportu i Produkcji gala in Warsaw, Poland, enables loads to be weighed directly while the forklift is in motion. 


The Weigh in Motion technology on an intelligent carriage plate (iCP) ensures accurate and reliable weight determination while a forklift is moving. This results in significant time savings, and thus cost savings, as the driver can weigh without stopping. It also prevents unnecessary additional transport movements and manual activities, contributing to higher efficiency, lower chances of accidents, better sustainability, and increased employee satisfaction compared to traditional weighing methods. Moreover, the calibrated value provided by the Weigh in Motion technology can be used for direct billing. 


The seamless integration of Weigh in Motion technology with TMS, WMS, or ERP systems enables real-time weight control, optimization of loads, and prevention of over- or under-loading of trucks, ensuring streamlined operations and maximum productivity. Additionally, data can be automatically collected, stored, and analyzed. This integration enhances the process of weight registration, improves inventory accuracy, and facilitates data-driven decision-making. 


Forklift scales with Weigh in Motion technology are particularly suitable for situations where large amounts of palletized goods need to be moved within a limited time. Ideal for logistics, storage, reweighing, and LTL shipments.