"I’m so happy with the weighing systems. We used to have to figure out the weight by ourselves, now that’s no longer necessary. It feels so much better if you know the exact weight when you ship something. And the scales are quite easy to operate."


Overhauling services

NedTrain has been providing maintenance, cleaning and overhauling services on rolling materiel for more than 150 years. The NS Dutch Railway company is their largest customer. For NS, NedTrain overhauls components, such as wheel and suspension units and diesel engines. NedTrain also modernises train interiors and installs safety systems in NS trains. NedTrain operates from 30 locations throughout the Netherlands.

Costly penalties as a result of overloaded lorries

At the NedTrain site in Tilburg defective train parts are overhauled and stocked. Also new parts are stocked at this site. Throughout the day lorries arrive to collect the parts ordered by customers. Until a year ago the weight of the shipment was only estimated, not measured. Since many different parts are ordered, from small rings to complete rail switches, estimating the shipping weight with any degree of accuracy was very hard. Overloading of lorries regularly occurred, with costly penalties as a result.

RCS PLUS prevents overloads of lorries

In order to prevent further overloads, NedTrain purchased two RCS PLUS-systems, installed on STILL forklift trucks. Now all parts are weighed before being loaded onto the lorry and the shipping documents mention the correct weights of all boxes and packages. NedTrain chose the RCS PLUS system, an accurate hydraulic scale, designed for check weighing. The maximum error is 0.2% of the scale capacity. On a forklift truck with a 2,500 kg capacity the display shows the weight in 2 kg increments, with a ± 5 kg tolerance.






Tilburg, The Netherlands



Preventing Overloads



Preventing Overloads

The inspections by public authorities are strict. Overloading lorries can thus be expensive. In some EU countries both the driver and the forwarder are fined for overloading. With an integrated scale on a pallet- or forklift truck every pallet loaded is instantly weighed. The scale constantly adds up the loaded weights to a total weight, so that at any moment it is known how many kilograms have been loaded onto the lorry. Next to preventing overloads, safety aspects also play an important role: by installing a scale on the lift- or reach truck, you also prevent forklifts from lifting loads that exceed their capacity and you avoid overloading warehouse racking.